Our approach

As a private market investor, Anergi has capital and project development expertise to expand access to better energy across sub-Saharan Africa – a region where large portions of the population still lack power. 

Our portfolio currently includes renewable and thermal power projects. Additionally, we often partner and co-invest with other stakeholders, which brings together resources and expertise to drive essential development activity.


We consider sustainability as one of the pillars upon which our values, vision, investment considerations and growth objectives are built. 

Through development and investment in renewable projects (such as the Lake Turkana Wind Power project, the Khoumagueli Solar project and the Djermaya Solar project), we are playing a key role in connecting people across sub-Saharan Africa to more sustainable, reliable, affordable and cleaner energy.

We are also committed to ensuring that our investee companies are managed in a responsible, safe and sustainable manner, where the safety and well-being of people, stakeholders and the environment are prioritised.



Our expectations on ESG and the standards we strive to uphold are formalised in our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy, which builds on relevant international standards such as the IFC Performance Standards and the World Bank Group’s EHS Guidelines. The Policy provides a useful framework for the management of investee companies to enact best practice, ensure effective risk management, maintain robust governance and pursue positive social and environmental outcomes. 

Our priorities and focus areas include:

  • affordable and reliable power generation;
  • health and safety;
  • social inclusion;
  • favourable working conditions;
  • robust governance;
  • environmental protection; and
  • community support.
Stewardship and corporate citizenship


We seek to ensure our investee companies deliver strong performance against a range of key metrics which are commonly recognised within our industry, and which appropriately reflect the capacity of each operating company and facility. 

We strive to continuously improve our ability to monitor and review performance, and make meaningful changes to drive positive, and sustainable outcomes in partnership with our investee companies’ management and employees, and other stakeholders. 


Stewardship and corporate citizenship

We believe that our responsibility extends beyond our financial performance to include the environment, communities and employees which we operate or invest in. 

We are fully committed to playing a key role in progressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the African region, including SDG 7 – increasing access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy; SDG 9 – developing industry, innovation and infrastructure; and SDG 13 – taking action to address climate change.

As an African-owned and operated company with significant investments across the African continent, we are committed to aligning our investments and operations with principles and values such as respect for human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption, and to take action to advance societal goals. 

As an investor in several businesses across Africa, we utilise our rights and influence as shareholders (including board representation) and stakeholder engagement to ensure that our portfolio companies uphold similar values to ours.