Anergi Group launches new website

London, 24 May 2021 – Anergi, an Africa-focused power company, announces the launch of its new website. 

Anergi Groups’ innovative and enhanced website is part of the company’s rebranding process (including the recent name change of “Aldwych” companies within the Anergi Group to “Anergi” entities, as part of the full integration of Aldwych into the Anergi Group). 

The website highlights the unique strengths of Anergi Group; and seeks to promote communication and engagement with our stakeholders. 

 Some of the new features of the website include:

 – providing an overview of the company’s history, values and impact; 
 – an informative showcase of our assets; and      
 – introducing our people, including our board of directors and management team. 

Anergi Group would like to invite you to view and share the website:

Here is to “Powering the Future”.

For more information, please contact us.