Aldwych entities within the Anergi Group have rebranded and will trade as Anergi named entities

Aldwych Change of Name

London, 24 May 2021 – Anergi, an Africa-focused power company, announces name changes of its subsidiary companies. 

The name changes form part of a rebranding process whereby the Aldwych named entities within the Anergi group will now be known as Anergi entities. A summary of these name changes is detailed below: 

No.Aldwych NameUK Company Registration NumberNew Name
1.              Aldwych International Ltd05265484Anergi International Ltd
2.              Aldwych Power Holdings Limited08527013Anergi Power Holdings Ltd
3.              Aldwych Africa Developments Limited09879778Anergi Africa Developments Ltd
4.              Aldwych Kelvin Holdings Limited06273533Anergi Kelvin Holdings Ltd
5.              Aldwych Rabai Holdings Limited06430211Anergi Rabai Holdings Ltd
6.              Aldwych Turkana Holdings Limited08719499Anergi Turkana Holdings Limited
7.              Aldwych Ghana Holdings Limited09789323Anergi Ghana Holdings Ltd
8.              Aldwych Nigeria Investments Limited09183919Anergi Nigeria Investments Limited
9.              Aldwych Turkana Investments Limited08091676Anergi Turkana Investments Ltd
10.           Aldwych International Operations Limited06180012Anergi International Operations Limited
11.           Aldwych Operations South Africa Limited06806049Anergi Operations South Africa Limited
12.           Aldwych Operations Kenya Limited06606983Anergi Operations Kenya Limited
13.           Aldwych Azura Operations Limited09028826Anergi Azura Operations Limited
14.           Aldwych Singida Investments Limited08363360Anergi Singida Investments Limited

Neil Hopkins, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Anergi Group, said: “The Aldwych brand and its highly experienced project development team have a strong reputation and longstanding track record for leading and for playing a significant role in the development of landmark power projects in Africa, including Rabai Power (Kenya), Lake Turkana Wind Power (Kenya), Azura Power (Nigeria), and Twin City Energy (Ghana) power projects. Since 2018, the Aldwych team, its track record, and Africa power sector expertise has been an integral part of the Anergi Group. The change of name finalises the integration of Aldwych into the Anergi Group.”

About Anergi 

Anergi is a leading Africa-focused power company that develops, owns and operates power plants across sub-Saharan Africa. Anergi’s portfolio comprises five assets, in both operation and construction stage, that produce a combined gross of +1,413 MW thermal and renewable energy. This portfolio supplies power to more than 23 million customers across four African countries: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. 

Anergi also continues to develop energy projects in countries within sub-Saharan Africa to be the leading Africa-focused power company. Anergi is wholly owned by the Pan-African Infrastructure Development Funds managed by Harith General Partners, a leading pan-African fund manager for infrastructure development. 

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