Owing to the strong emphasis we place on good corporate governance and the role it plays in supporting the success and sustainability of our business, we have developed and implemented a corporate governance policy. 

A framework to support our financial performance and value creation for our shareholders and other stakeholders over the long-term, it sets out our approach to governance matters, including:

  • enabling Anergi’s executive management team, the Board and the shareholder(s) to operate within a clear governance framework, where roles and responsibilities are clearly delineated;
  • ensuring timely and accurate disclosure is made to corporate stakeholders on all material matters regarding Anergi, including its financial situation, performance, exposure to material risk, ownership, and governance matters;
  • stipulating the conduct of the Board’s affairs, promoting stakeholder engagement and protecting shareholders’ interests; 
  • guiding the strategic direction of Anergi, the effective monitoring of management by the Board and the Board’s accountability to shareholder(s); and 
  • ensuring compliance with applicable regulation, including anti-bribery and anti-money laundering laws.