Twin City Energy

Ghana 200 MW Dual Fuel Twin City Energy is a 200 MW combined-cycle, dual-fuel power plant in Aboadze, Ghana, that can operate using crude oil and natural gas as its primary fuel. It is the only large-scale base-load-independent power generation project in sub-Saharan Africa. The construction of Twin City Energy created 400 jobs, most of… Continue reading Twin City Energy

Rabai Power Plant

Kenya 90 MW Thermal Power The Rabai power plant is a 90 MW combined-cycle thermal power plant located in Mombasa, Kenya. Anergi is a significant shareholder in Rabai Power, alongside Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor (BWSC), FMO (the Netherlands’ development bank) and the Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU). This project was co-developed by BWSC and… Continue reading Rabai Power Plant

Lake Turkana Wind Power

Kenya 310 MW Wind Power Anergi is the largest shareholder in Lake Turkana Wind Power, Africa’s largest wind farm. Comprising of 365 wind turbines, the wind farm is located in the remote Loiyangalani District of Marsabit County in Kenya. The wind farm provides reliable, low-cost energy to Kenya’s national grid and constitutes approximately 17% of… Continue reading Lake Turkana Wind Power

Kelvin Power

South Africa 360 MW Thermal Anergi is the majority owner of Kelvin Power’s thermal power plant located in Johannesburg, South Africa. For decades, the plant has played a central role in providing energy supply to the city. Anergi is also the owner of the company that provides operations, maintenance and commercial management services to Kelvin Power.… Continue reading Kelvin Power

Azura-Edo IPP

Nigeria 461 MW Gas Anergi is a significant shareholder in Azura-Edo IPP, a 461 MW open-cycle gas turbine power station near Benin City in Edo State, Nigeria. This is phase one of a 1,500 MW IPP facility located on a 100-hectare site which will accommodate future expansions. Anergi (through its project development subsidiary, Aldwych International… Continue reading Azura-Edo IPP